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      • Cross Belt Separators
        A suspended magnet with a belt designed to strip captured tramp metal, and discharges off one side or end of the conveyor.
      • Suspended Plate Magnets
        Permanent magnetic forces, providing continuous and effective removal of unwanted tramp metal.
      • Electromagnets
        Suspended Electromagnetic Separators, effective and powerful magnetic protection from tramp metal contamination in larger industrial operations such as Mining, Pulp Mills, Mineral Processing, Sawmills, Biomass, Recycling and Aggregate.
      • Drum Separators
        Magnetic Drum Separators are typically used in separation of metal particles from slurries, granules or powders. These industrial magnets work on a high-volume basis for applications where there is a great deal of continuous turnover of product.
      • Magnetic Head Pulleys
        The Magnetic Pulley is an industrial strength magnet which provides a dependable means of tramp metal extraction on conveyor belt applications.
      • Magnetic Plate Separators
        These magnets easily retrofit into existing chutes and conveyors – or can be designed into a system that will work for your particular requirements. Plate separators can significantly prolong the life of your existing equipment by reducing wear & tear from errant metal.
      • Vibratory Magnetic Separators
        Allows operators to retrofit a tramp metal separation solution without the need to modify the existing conveying system. The VIBRA-SEP is available for all vibratory conveyor widths, with 18″ and 24″ units in stock
      • Magnetic Conveyors
        IMT Magnetic Conveyors convey ferrous materials, parts and components at any angle from horizontal to vertical within a minimal footprint.
      • Permanent Magnetic Rakes
        Permanent Magnetic Rakes used to extract tramp metal in material on a conveyor system where tramp metal has been detected. Eliminates contamination in refined materials, attracting unwanted ferrous materials which can be easily removed.
      • Permanent Magnetic Lifters
        Allows steel handlers to quickly and easily maneuver steel plates, pipes, and rods without the use of slings, chains, and blocking.
      • Industrial Magnetic Sweepers
        Removes tramp metal and foreign ferrous objects from active work areas, providing a safe workplace, preventing damage to vehicles/equipment. These high-powered magnets can improve productivity over traditional sweeping methods, and are proven to be much more accurate and efficient.
      • Actuated Maintenance System
        Installs over existing conveyor belt and allows operators to effortlessly remove captured tramp metal from the magnet’s surface.
      • Wet Drum Separator Rebuilds
        Our rebuilt wet drum magnets are utilized in Heavy Media and Concentrator circuits by many coal, potash, and iron ore mines.

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