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Paper factory
The uses for industrial strength magnets in paper production can be divided into three primary categories:

  • Paper Mills: In paper mills, the most common application for magnetic technology is in the use of suspended magnets and conveyor belt magnets to move raw materials, like wood chips, along in the manufacturing process. This helps to remove tramp metal from the material before it ever has a chance to damage the paper manufacturing equipment, or to spoil the finished product.
  • Secondary Fibre Mills: In secondary fibre mills, because of the amount of metal present in plant equipment and transportation materials, tramp metal introduces a significant risk of contamination. To combat this potential source of pollution, the use of a self-cleaning magnetic drum is often employed in the processing of pulp. This can help keep even the smallest particles of tramp metal out of the manufacturing process.
  • Wood Board Application: Yet another use for magnetic equipment in the pulp and paper industry is in the production of particle board, plywood and insulating board. In these processes, powerful electromagnets are applied before the materials head into the pressing process of manufacture. In some cases, magnetic separators used to enhance efficiency in the construction of wood board can be incorporated into existing facilities without the need to relocate equipment.

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