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Moving heavy metal objects such as steel beams and rods is sometimes accomplished with pulley and chain systems, and a great deal of manpower. This technique is time consuming and inefficient given the labour required for strapping and moving each load. It also, however, can be remarkably hazardous for the workers involved as unexpected weight shifts, changing conditions or human error carry a great risk of injury to operators. The introduction of electromagnets made this system somewhat more effective, but the danger of de-activation due to power failure means there is still the possibility of unforeseen accidents.

Better Productivity

Permanent magnets allow for a much improved lifting and delivery system for large metal objects, whether round or flat, and can lift as much as 5000kg at a time.  Steel workers are able to move significantly more material in a faster, more efficient process.  These magnets are user friendly and require very little floor space, meaning they are simple to incorporate into your existing production line. The manpower required to run this machine is considerably lower as well as often only a single employee is needed to operate the equipment.  This translates to improved profit and productivity on manufacturing, warehouse or construction projects.

Improved Safety

In addition to increased productivity, it’s important to note that there is a discernible increase in safety for workers as there is no longer the concern for human error in chain and sling methods, or for the hazards inherent with magnets that rely on electricity.  Permanent magnets will never lose power, and are fitted with self-locking levers so they cannot be accidentally deactivated.

A Worthwhile Investment

Permanent magnetic lifters are a worthwhile investment in any industry as they allow for greater productivity, increased up-time and improved safety for all employees.  Innovative Magnetic Solutions offers customizable solutions in many shapes and sizes and compact designs to suit any industry or application. Our experienced staff can help you to determine the equipment that will work best for your needs.  Give us a call today to see how we can help improve your bottom line and your safety ratings!