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At IMT, we provide more than just industrial magnet sales and installation.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and capability to provide custom solutions to our clients to make their businesses more productive and more profitable.  Whether you need an entirely new production line designed and installed, or you need to retrofit your existing system to improve functionality, look to us for unique solutions that will help to improve your bottom line.

Custom Design and Retrofit

Not every processing plant or conveyor system is designed with the same dimensions and requirements in mind.  That’s why it’s important to choose a company that can create customized solutions for your business in order to increase uptime, improve output quality and reduce overall costs.  We can develop an entirely new conveyor system and build it to your exact specifications, or we can manufacture unique components and integrate them into your existing structure.   In addition to custom magnets, we also design and build structural pieces and conveyors to make the best use of your space and keep your output moving.


We are always happy to provide consultation services to help identify the unique needs of each business client and to make suggestions as to how to improve product quality and productivity.  Some of the magnetic equipment we may suggest includes: magnetic conveyors, magnetic separation systems and material handling equipment

Whatever your needs, speak to the professionals at IMT to make sure you get the right equipment for the job at hand.  Let our experience help you to maximize efficiency, product quality and profit for your business.