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demonstrating rare earth magnetic separators

Magnetic separators are frequently used in the manufacturing industry to separate potentially damaging materials that are magnetically susceptible. A high degree of precision is required because metal contamination can be a real problem. It can damage equipment and affect the quality of the product dramatically.

Rare earth magnetic separators are but one of many types of magnetic equipment used in manufacturing processes all over the world. Developing an understanding of the applications for magnetic separators first starts with an understanding of the applications for industrial magnetic equipment in general.

Industries that Use Magnetic Separators

Understanding the intricacies of various types of magnetic separators will be a less daunting task once you have a better understanding of the applications for magnetic separators and metal detectors. You can see magnetic separators in use in many of the following operations:

  • Plastics manufacturing plants
  • Food preparation facilities
  • Recycling plants
  • Mineral processing
  • Pulp & paper industries
  • Wood processing
  • Mining
  • Bio-mass industries

As you can see, there are many industries where the introduction of unwanted metals in the manufacturing process could have disastrous results. But what about an industry where metal is a major component of the manufactured product? In these cases, the highly specialized nature of magnetic separators quickly comes to the forefront.

Rare Earth Magnetic Separators

Rare earth magnets are specially employed in times when it’s necessary to seek out fine metal particles and magnetically-active debris from materials that are moist or powdery. They are available as standard plate magnets, plate housing magnets, and suspended plate magnets. Determining the particular rare earth magnetic separator arrangement that will work best for a company’s needs is a delicate matter.

Ensuring that the correct configuration and application of rare earth magnetic separator is selected for your business will require a highly specialized consultation. When you work with a custom manufactured magnetic equipment supplier/ manufacturer, you can benefit from years of experience.

If you are contemplating the purchase of industrial magnetic equipment for your facility, contact us today. We can help you choose the right configuration for your needs, and provide ongoing support if your equipment should be in need of maintenance or replacement parts.