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Magnetic Separators are used across many industries to remove metal particles from production lines and processing runs.  There are many models and sizes available, each with their own specific attributes and benefits, and many of these are best suited for specific applications.  Here’s why you should be using a professional magnetic technology company to make sure you are getting the right separator for the job.

Stronger isn’t always better

It’s easy to assume that having the strongest magnet possible is the best way to achieve a clean output, but this isn’t always the case.  In order to determine the appropriate magnet strength, we first need to assess your needs.

  • What type of metal are you extracting from your product? Is it small ferrous material or large pieces of tramp metal?  This will have some bearing on the type of magnet used.
  • Is your output to be used for human consumption? Food grade metal extraction requires specific consideration when designing a magnetic separator system.
  • What is your budget for this project? Every business has a bottom line, so knowing what you are able to spend going in can help with the development of an effectively designed processing system that won’t break the bank.

Size Matters

The type of magnetic separator you need depends largely on the location of your production line.

  • Large Scale Outdoor

If you’re in the mining industry and your product is largely processed outdoors, we would provide very specific solutions to this application.  Obviously equipment size would be less important, but the ability to stand up to the conditions and the more rigorous output are significant issues to consider.

  • Small Scale Warehouse

Of course, if you are operating a refinery for flour or sugar, you will need to ensure that you use your space wisely and still achieve a completely ferrous-free product.  This is where custom designed or retro-fit industrial magnet solutions prove most valuable in achieving quality output that works in your location.

Quality Products Give Quality Results

If you’re in the market for an industrial magnetic separator, choose a company with a reputation for quality and service. We use only the best materials available and we have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with a superior product that will stand the test of time.  We have worked with many industries worldwide to meet and exceed expectations for their magnetic separator requirements.