Rare Earth Magnetic Plate Separators

By September 8, 2017Blog

It seems that nothing is simple anymore. You can’t purchase equipment for anything without factoring the time, energy and cost that will be required to care, clean and maintain that equipment. If you thought you could escape the tedium of cleaning and maintenance with heavy machinery like industrial magnetic equipment, think again!

Read on to learn more about the care and maintenance of rare earth magnets & magnetic plate separators.

What Are Rare Earth Magnetic Plate Separators?

Magnetic Plate Separators (MPS) remove tramp metal in chute applications by applying magnetic forces on a continuous basis. Because they deliver permanent magnetic power, your plant operations are safe during power outages, and your utility costs are not affected by the magnetic plate separator. Industries where this technology is beneficial includes food service, animal feed manufacturing and mining. Magnetic plate separators make grain, pellets, wood and gravel safe for human and animal use by employing super powerful rare earth magnets to ensure a clean finished product.

Rare Earth Magnetic Plate Separators – Cleaning

Cleaning magnetic equipment is a lot easier to do once a little forethought is applied to the configuration of your project. For example, your system could include a hinged ferro plate to allow for easy cleaning and inspection, or if your plate magnet configuration is located in a place that is awkward or impossible to access, a self-cleaning application may be an ideal solution.

In other cases, your magnetic equipment installation may feature a built-in drawer to allow for easy disposal of the tramp metal attracted during the manufacturing and processing phase. In the case of suspended plate magnets, you may have a model that swings out of the way for effortless cleaning. All of these options are available, but it’s a lot easier to implement a cleaning solution at the time a system is installed, rather than trying to retrofit one later on in the process.

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