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Many of us think about food contamination as it relates to unsafe handling practices that introduce bacteria or pathogens into our food.  Others consider the inadvertent addition of human hair or other unwelcome impurities into the production line.  It is, however, imperative to consider the ramifications of metal pollution in any food services plant.

magnets used in food industry

Most manufacturing equipment is made from metal that is prone to normal wear and tear, and is at risk for loosening nuts, bolts and ferrous material that comes as a result of the normal crushing and vibrating of processing machinery.  Consider also the added concern of metals that are brought in through raw materials, or as a part of the processing environment. With all of this in mind, it is important to make sure that any metal that has been allowed into the system is safely and effectively removed from the run.  This ensures customer satisfaction, product quality, and most of all, consumer safety.

Industrial magnets come in many configurations to meet the specific needs of any manufacturer.  Here are a few products that can help you protect your brand and your customers:

Cross Belt Separators

Suspended magnets with a conveyor belt that removes unwanted tramp metal from output.

Magnetic Drum Separators

These magnets use a static magnetic core with a rotating outer drum that attracts metallic objects.  This results in a continuous removal of ferrous materials from production while maintaining a self-cleaning magnet.  Magnetic Drum Separators can be customized for many different applications.

Magnetic Plate Separators
In chute configurations, magnetic plate separators are a customizable choice that provides safe and dependable removal of ferrous material from production lines.

Vibratory Magnetic Separators

These magnets protect both your equipment and your output, while improving your production time.  They are easy to clean and fully customizable to incorporate seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

Magnetic Separators are used across many food related industries, including:

  • Flour and Grains
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • Rice
  • Animal Feed

It is important to assess the attributes of your product including the flow rate, moisture and texture in order to establish the magnetic separators that will work best in your plant.  Our team will gladly provide you with a consultation to discuss your options and see how we can create the perfect custom fit for your processing line.