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We’ve all been encouraged to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” for quite some time now, but few of us have much understanding of what happens to that can, bottle or newspaper once it has been tossed into the appropriate blue or grey box. Fewer still understand the importance of industrial strength magnets in the recycling process.

Uses for Heavy Duty Magnets in Recycling

Unless you are involved in plant operations at a recycling facility (and if you are, we should talk!), it may well be hard to imagine the importance of magnetic technology in the recycling process. But consider this: one errant staple on the back of a magazine could damage equipment and destroy an entire batch of recycled paper. One bottle cap in the batch of glass sent for recycling could have a similar effect. In either case, the equipment standing between materials bound for recycling and inevitable disaster is heavy duty magnets.

Recycling Industry Magnetic Equipment

There are many forms of classification and separation in use in the recycling industry. The ultimate goal of this magnetic equipment is protecting grinders, hogs, chippers, presses and pelletizers from tamp metal contamination and equipment damage. A wide range of magnetic equipment is employed in this capacity, including suspended plate magnets, cross belt separators, magnetic drum separators and industrial magnetic sweepers.

The exact type and configuration of magnetic separators that will be most useful in a recycling facility can only be determined after a careful needs assessment and a site examination. After all, even the best magnetic equipment is only effective when it is able to be installed and implemented correctly in its new home!

Innovative Magnetic Technologies Inc. (IMT) supplies recycling facilities and other industrial properties with the magnetic equipment they need to achieve high-quality results. Every project starts with a consultation with a member of our experienced, professional team. Contact us today to benefit from top-notch magnetic equipment in your operations every day.