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Bulk and powder processing presents a significant challenge to businesses that need to remove tramp metal from their conveyor systems that are processing either a finished product or raw -materials.

Manufacturers are looking for a superior product that meets both safety and health standards, and as such we are often tasked with the challenge of finding the right equipment, or series of equipment, to get the job done with the highest standard of quality available.

Food service, biomass and even pharmaceutical industries all have a need for dependable mechanical separation to protect their end product as well as their valuable machinery. In businesses where the tolerance for error is non-existent, it is important to ensure the right tools are in place to make sure that no ferrous materials remain in your output at the end of the manufacturing process.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to magnetic separators for bulk and powder industries. The experienced professionals at Innovative Magnetic Technologies will assess your production line and processing requirements, and will help you to develop a system that will meet and exceed your expectations. We design and build custom solutions for our clients – whether you need an entirely new system or you need to retrofit a new piece of equipment with your existing set up in order to streamline your productivity – we have the knowledge and skills to make the most of your space and budget.

Some of our magnetic separators include:

Plate Separators:

These magnets are useful in removing very fine particles from output lines and can be installed below or above conveyor belts depending on the differing applications. We can configure these to adapt to any existing infrastructure, and they are available in many different sizes to maximize your production.

Magnetic Drum Separators:

These powerful magnets are excellent for ferrying metallic particles away from your output by attracting them to its magnetic core and then delivering tramp to a separate area for an efficient, self cleaning model that is effective for both wet and dry applications. We carry several sizes and models to meet the requirements of the many industries we service.

Cross Belt Separators:

These are suspended magnets that are located above conveyors to continuously remove unwanted ferrous materials. They effectively eliminate tramp metal from production lines and discard it away from the output. They are self cleaning, low maintenance and simple to retrofit to any manufacturing or processing system.