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When it comes to tramp metal removal, processing powders is about as tricky as it gets.  Fine products such as spices, flours, baby food and pharmaceuticals can harbour tiny bits of rust or scrap metal that has been broken down through the manufacturing process, and can pose serious risks to consumers.  While often undetectable to the human eye, these miniscule contaminants are a reality that must be addressed to ensure industry standards are met and exceeded.  As such, it’s important to design a flawless metal detection and removal system to guarantee quality output and safe consumption.  Often a series of equipment is required to achieve optimal results.

Types of Separators

There are several options for magnetic separation of powders.  Permanent magnets allow for an efficient solution that results in clean products and minimal waste.  Using the right equipment for the job will not only improve the quality of your output, but will increase productivity and reduce man hours as well.  Machinery that has been designed with your needs in mind results in a better overall product, and saves you time and money in the process. Below are a couple of potential solutions.

Magnetic Drum Separators

Magnetic drum separators can be made using ceramic or rare earth magnets, and are available in several sizes to allow for space constraints or processing requirements.  They are effective at removing minute particles of ferrous material from powders by attracting it to the magnetic outer drum, and discharging it away from the output.  They are self cleaning for ease of use and improved efficiency, and they can be retrofitted to work with any existing equipment.

Magnetic Plate and Grate Separators

These rare earth magnets are powerful enough to extract minute particles of tramp metal in your product, and are easily adapted to any existing system.  This allows for flexibility and versatility when installing in confined or restricted spaces.  Manual and automated self cleaning models are available and can reduce down time and ensure committed cleaning. They require no electricity so you can depend on your equipment even in the event of a loss of power.

Custom Design, Manufacturing and Installation

At Innovative Magnetic Technologies we have a wealth of experience with the design and installation of industrial magnets.  Our ability to create customized solutions and adapt to existing infrastructure allows us to build comprehensive processing systems that increase uptime, save manufacturing costs, and most importantly, deliver outstanding results.