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The usefulness of electromagnetic equipment cannot be denied. Employed in everything from massive construction cranes to the doorbell in your house, electromagnets use a simple on/off function to perform complex tasks every day.

In the process of magnetic separation, electromagnets or permanent magnets are used to extract sources of potential contamination before it can damage machinery. In this capacity, electromagnets can help provide a boost to manufacturing efficiency. There are some things you should consider when choosing between the use of an electromagnet or a permanent magnet.

Need for a Constant Power Supply

One of the key advantages of using an electromagnet is the ability to adjust the magnetic force by adjusting the power, and the ability turn it on and off as required. But with that flexibility comes the need for a consistent, reliable source of power. It will also have some impact on operating costs, and electricity rates are not fixed. This power need doesn’t mean that an electromagnetic solution isn’t the right one for your business, but it is something to keep in mind.

Increased Equipment Weight

A suspended electromagnet is usually heavier than a permanent magnet. This trade-off is acceptable because of the deeper magnetic fields it can provide, but if you are incorporating new magnetic separation equipment in an old facility, the structural supports required for heavier equipment will be a factor in your ultimate purchasing decision. If in doubt, a magnetic separation specialist can assist in the work with a structural engineer to ensure that the equipment you choose can be safely implemented at your facility.

Ongoing Maintenance Requirements

When a piece of equipment has moving parts, it will automatically require more TLC throughout its lifespan than a piece with stationary elements. Oil conditions must be monitored for signs of degradation, and the equipment must be checked periodically for signs of coil wear. Again, these ongoing maintenance requirements do not mean that electromagnetic equipment isn’t the right choice for your company, it is simply a consideration to bear in mind when making your choice.

When deciding on the right equipment for your business, an essential step will be to contact a trained magnetic separation specialist. The time you spend on a thorough consultation and system design at the outset will benefit your business for years to come. Contact us today so we can assess your business needs and devise a magnetic separation system that is custom-designed for your company’s unique requirements.