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When it comes to developing an understanding of the value of industrial strength magnets that are available for sawmills, mining companies, recycling facilities and food manufacturers (among others) it may be helpful to start with an explanation of some of the types of magnetic separators that are available to aid business processes.

Magnetic belt separators extract unwanted metal debris, also known as tramp metal, from industrial conveyor belt systems. The difference between in-line magnetic separators and cross belt magnetic separators (also known as overband) is clearer once you understand where the use of one configuration may be preferable to the other.

Cross Belt Magnetic Separators

Cross belt Magnetic Separator Example

Through the implementation of a suspended magnet, cross belt magnetic separators (CBS) have a belt that continuously runs thereby cleaning the extracted tramp metal from the magnet’s surface. When CBS installations feature a permanent magnet, they will retain these unwanted metals even during a power failure. CBS technology can increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs and liability risks by providing a metal-free final product. These self-cleaning magnetic separator models are positioned perpendicular to the conveyed materials travel. This allows the tramp metal to be thrown out the side of the conveyor.

In-Line Magnetic Separators

In-line Magnetic Separator Example

The In-line magnetic separator is very similar to the cross belt in that is also has a continually running belt across the magnet’s surface.  The difference being this separator runs parallel with the conveyed material, discharging tramp meal at the end of the conveyor. Typical reasons for using this form of separator is fast running conveyors, deep burden depths and location practicality.




Which orientation will work best for my application?

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