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Magnetic Head Pulleys
Magnetic Head Pulley
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Magnetic Head Pulleys
Magnetic Head Pullyes IMT-INC
Magnetic Head Pulleys by IMT

Magnetic Head Pulleys (MHP)

The Magnetic Head Pulley is an industrial strength magnet that provides a dependable, self cleaning means of tramp metal extraction on conveyor belt applications. The permanent magnetic forces protect your capital equipment by providing continuous and effective removal of unwanted tramp metal. The MHP will increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs and provide a metal free product. The MHP may also be utilized with a Magnetic Take-Off Rail to convey tramp metal further away from conveyor unloading areas, allowing convenient tramp metal discharge

Permanent Magnetic Power

  • Power fluctuation or failures will not affect the separators performance
  • Guaranteed magnetic strength for the life of the application
  • No power consumption

Simple Installation

  • Magnetic Head Pulleys replace existing head pulleys
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and options
  • No electrical hook up

No Maintenance

  • No moving parts
  • Simple to clean

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Magnetic Head Pulleys are used to continuously extract tramp metal from conveyor belt systems. These powerful magnets remove ferrous contamination such as nails, metal wires, nuts & bolts, metal shavings and tools. Magnetic Head Pulleys add value by improving product output, saving time and cost of metal separation and protecting valuable equipment from damage caused by errant metal.

Magnetic Head Pulleys can be used in many industries, including:

Feed and Grain
Paper Mills
• Waste

The professional separation fabricators at Innovative Magnetic Technologies can manufacture your Magnetic Head Pulleys to your exact specifications. We design and build custom systems that can include everything from conveyors to chutes and everything in between. Our experience with custom design and fit has earned us a niche market in the manufacturing of permanent magnetic products. We know you’ll find that with more than twenty years in our industry, we deliver unsurpassed customer service and workmanship to every one of our clients.

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