Suspended Plate Magnets

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Suspended Plate Magnets
Industrial Suspended Plate Magnets
Suspended Plate Magnets IMT-INC
Suspended Plate Magnet
Suspended Plate Magnets By IMT
Suspended Plate Magnets

Suspended Plate Magnets

Innovative Magnetic Technologies Inc. designed and manufactured Suspended Plate Magnets to provide industry with economical and dependable magnetic protection for process equipment. The permanent magnetic forces provide continuous and effective removal of unwanted tramp metal. The suspended plate magnet will increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs and provide a metal free product.

Permanent Magnetic Power

  • Power fluctuation or failures will not affect the separators performance
  • Guaranteed magnetic strength for the life of the application
  • No power consumption

Simple Installation

  • Installed above product flow or at discharge
  • No electrical hook up

No Maintenance

  • No moving parts
  • Simple to clean


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Suspended Plate Magnets are useful across many industries for clearing contaminants from production lines.  These most powerful magnets are typically installed above belt magnet systems but can also be used at the discharge point as well.  Usually designed using ceramic or rare earth magnets, they have the capacity to pull even minute particles from the belt flow. Depending on the depth and size of the chute, as well as the type of product being processed, customized suspended plate magnets can be designed in differing sizes and strengths to accommodate the needs of individual applications. Suspended plate magnets offer exceptional efficiency since they require no energy consumption and as such, will not fail in the case of power fluctuations or shut off.  They are also easy to maintain and clean since they have no moving parts.  Metal is either collected and trapped before being discharged through a hopper system or is removed using a slide mechanism on the trap.

Suspended Plate Magnets are used to extract tramp metal during processing by suspending above the conveyor belt system. These powerful magnets extract fine particles of ferrous materials, improving the end product while also extending the life of processing equipment.

Industries that use Plate Magnets:

Saw Mills
Pulp Mills

We specialize in custom solutions, so we can design and build the product that best suits your needs. Whether you simply need a Suspended Plate Magnet retrofitted into your current infrastructure, or you need us to design and build your entire magnetic belt conveyor system, we’ve got the experience and expertise to deliver quality products and exceptional service. Speak with one of our application specialists to discuss your unique needs.

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