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Cross Belt Separators (CBS)
Cross Belt Separators (CBS)
Cross Belt Separators (CBS)
Cross Belt Separators (CBS)
Cross Belt Separators (CBS)
Cross Belt Separators (CBS)

Cross Belt Separators

The Cross Belt Separator is a suspended magnet with a continuously running belt that strips off captured tramp metal and discharges off the side or end of the conveyor. The permanent magnetic forces provide continuous and effective removal of unwanted tramp metal.

Permanent magnet will retain tramp metal even during power outages and fluctuations.

Increased uptime, reduced maintenance costs and a metal free product.

Innovative Magnetic Technologies Inc. designed and manufactured Cross Belt Separators to provide industry with a reliable and extremely effective means of tramp metal extraction. The core of the Cross Belt Separator is IMT’s most powerful suspended plate magnet. The CBS is manufactured with a heavy duty frame, vulcanized rubber cleated belt and off the shelf components. The shaft mounted helical worm gear motor is available in various voltages for simple hook up installation.

  • Self Cleaning – self contained belt removes tramp from magnets surface
  • Easily retrofitted, Simple installation – permanent magnet requires no electricity
  • Constant power – permanent magnet requires no electricity
  • Low maintenance – avoid shutdowns and unplanned events

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Cross Belt Separators are used in the magnetic separation of ferrous materials from products to ensure a safe, metal free output. These powerful magnets are usually installed above conveyor belts, and draw the unwanted metals upwards and away from the conveyor belt to allow for uncontaminated production.

Industrial Strength Magnets

Innovative Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of industrial strength magnets, stands behind its work as one of the only companies in the separation metals industry, capable of custom designing and building products for easy installation and maximum efficiency. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with the system that works best for their unique applications. That’s why we are able to custom build magnets for every aspect of your production line, including chutes, conveyors and magnetic separators. With over 20 years of experience in steel fabrication, magnetic separation construction and design, our clients have come to rely on our quality workmanship and exceptional application knowledge.

Our Cross Belt Separators are used across many industries for the extraction of tramp metal including but not limited to: mining, sawmills, recycling, food services, BioMass, pulp mills.

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