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Innovative Magnetic Technologies IMT

Industrial Magnets Canada

An industrial magnet designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial magnetic equipment worldwide.

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Industrial Magnets

Innovative Magnetic Technologies (IMT) is a leading design, manufacturer and supplier of Industrial magnetic equipment for various industries around the world. We specialize in magnetic separation equipment; Suspended Plate Magnets, Cross belt separators,  (over band magnets), in-line separators, Magnetic Drum Separation equipment for both wet and dry applications, Magnetic Head Pulleys, Vibrating Conveyor Magnets, lifting magnets, magnetic conveyors and more.

We offer in-house testing and custom equipment for your specific application if required. IMT has worked with and supplied numerous industries with solutions to their separation requirements. Experienced in biomass, pellet production, chipping, crushing, mineral processing, rubber, concrete and municipal recycling.

IMT equipment is available in Ceramic (Ferrite) or Rare Earth (Neodymium or Samarium cobalt) configurations. Electro-magnetic products are also available including Eddy Current (non-ferrous) separators and heavy lift equipment.

If you don’t see your industry or product, send us an email info@imt-inc.com or call us at 250.491.5806 and let us know what you’re looking for.

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