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In the realm of industrial operations, the need for efficient maintenance and repair services is paramount. At IMT, we offer cost-effective solutions through an extensive repertoire of maintenance services, particularly specializing in wet drum separator rebuilds. This service stands as an appealing alternative to investing in new equipment, offering your business a practical avenue to maximize the longevity and functionality of your existing machinery.

Our wet drum separator refurbishment process is meticulously executed to ensure optimal performance and durability. The comprehensive refurbishment includes a series of intricately planned steps:

  1. Complete Disassembly and Assessment: The process commences with a thorough disassembly of the separator, enabling a comprehensive assessment of the components’ condition. This step forms the foundation for subsequent refurbishment phases.
  1. Precision Repairs and Replacements: IMT’s skilled technicians replace or repair all bearings and seals, ensuring the restoration of optimal functionality. Welding and machining of the drive stub shaft (inner seal surface) is carried out with precision.
  1. Core Rebuilding and Casing Installation: The magnetic core, a vital element, undergoes thorough rebuilding. IMT technicians reinstall the rebuilt core assemblies and fit a protective casing to prevent potential drum damage from debris, ensuring prolonged functionality.
  1. Corrosion Prevention Measures: To combat corrosion and enhance durability, the inner steel yoke, bearing housings, and aluminum endplates undergo sandblasting and repainting. This proactive approach significantly extends the equipment’s lifespan.
  1. Stainless Steel Enhancement: Critical components such as the outer drum cover are replaced with stainless steel, offering heightened resistance to corrosion and abrasion. This upgrade ensures the separator’s resilience in challenging industrial environments.
  1. Detailed Reassembly: The reassembly process prioritizes precision, utilizing silicon and thread sealer when necessary to guarantee a secure and reliable reconstruction. IMT provides new fasteners for optimal functionality.

Our wet drum separator rebuild services showcase our commitment to excellence, enabling our clients to increase their operational efficiency and durability without compromising on quality. Contact the team at IMT today to explore the possibilities of maximizing your equipment’s potential and ensuring a more sustainable industrial future.