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Magnetic separators play a pivotal role in several industries by efficiently separating ferrous and non-ferrous materials from bulk streams. These devices utilize the power of magnets to attract and isolate magnetic materials, protecting equipment from repair down time and increasing the safety and purity of bulk products. There are different magnetic separators for different applications, so it’s important to work with an experienced company to get the magnetic equipment that best suits your business’s needs.

Magnetic Drum Separator: This classic separator consists of a rotating drum encased in a stationary magnet system. As materials pass through the drum, ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic surface and are separated from non-magnetic materials. This type of magnetic separator finds extensive use in mineral processing, recycling, and aggregate industries.

Magnetic Pulley Separator: Operating on the same principle as drum separators, magnetic pulley separators are designed as head pulleys in conveyor systems. They efficiently remove tramp iron and protect downstream equipment, such as crushers and shredders, in industries like mining, recycling, and bulk material handling.

Magnetic Grate Separator: Ideal for free-flowing powders and granular materials, magnetic grate separators feature a series of magnetic tubes arranged in a grid formation. They capture ferrous contaminants as materials pass through, ensuring product purity in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries.

Overband Magnetic Separator: Mounted above conveyor belts, overband separators continuously remove ferrous tramp metal from conveyed material streams. Their automatic self-cleaning design means uninterrupted operation, making them indispensable in industries like recycling, wood processing, and mining.

Lifting Magnets: Lifting magnets, also known as magnetic lifters, utilize strong magnetic fields to lift and move heavy ferrous objects. These versatile devices are often seen in steel fabrication, scrap yards, and material handling operations for the safe lifting of ferrous materials.

Suspension Magnetic Separator: Also known as overhead or inline magnetic separators, suspension magnets are suspended above conveyor belts to extract ferrous tramp metal from conveyed materials. They are widely used in industries handling bulk materials like coal, aggregates, and recycling.

The Draw of Magnetic Separators

Each type of magnetic separator offers unique benefits and is tailored to specific applications, contributing to improved product quality, equipment protection, and operational efficiency across diverse industries. The team at IMT can help you understand these variations and choose the best magnetic separating equipment for your business. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.