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Drum Separators on FlatbedIndustrial magnets are unparalleled in ensuring processed materials are free of tramp metal. They allow for improved output quality and increased uptime, making them invaluable tools for many manufacturing industries. There are, however, some important safety measures that should be observed in order to ensure that no injuries occur on your production line.


Training is the key to safety in any workplace, especially one that has powerful magnets involved. Make sure all staff are aware of potential risks associated with magnetic separators, and are aware of how to locate emergency help if required. Post clear signage around all magnets, and instruct your employees as to the meanings and precautions associated with each warning label.


Employees should be aware that transporting industrial magnets requires significant planning and preparation. Untrained personnel should never be permitted to move magnets from one area to another. Instead, experienced staff should carefully plan a route that is free from carbon steel and other ferrous objects. Furthermore, storing the magnet in a wooden or plastic casing will help to lessen the force of the magnet and improve overall safety as well.


When designing your warehouse space, or adjusting your production line, be cautious that magnets are never able to come in close contact with one another. Also, be sure that your floor plan allows for plenty of distance between magnets and any other ferrous metals.

Pacemakers and other medical devices:

Some medical devices should remain well clear of industrial magnets. If you have employees that have pacemakers or other implanted devices, ensure that they receive medical clearance to work in close proximity to a magnet, and ask for clarifications on the accommodations that should be made to make sure their work environment is safe.

Computers and electronic devices:

Less of a human safety concern, is advice to protect company and personal electronics. Employees should be aware that electronics can be irreparably damaged by strong magnets, and unless pre-approved by the company, should remain a safe distance from magnetic equipment.

Regular maintenance:

If your magnetic separator needs maintenance or repair, call an experienced company to verify that your equipment is up to safety standards and that you aren’t taking unnecessary risks.

Count on the pros:

Our team of professionals can help with safety conscious design, custom retrofitting and ongoing maintenance needs for all types of industrial magnetic equipment.