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If you’re conveying material during your manufacturing process, you’ve probably installed technologies like cross-belt separators or suspended plate magnets to ensure that tramp metal does not contaminate product damage machinery or cause safety concerns. While these systems may form your first line of defence for tramp metal extraction, there are other magnetic technologies that can enhance safety and productivity at your facility.

Vibratory Magnetic Separators

If your manufacturing system moves product on vibratory conveyors or feeders, consider installing vibratory magnetic separators on your production line. By placing a vibratory magnetic separator in front of your metal detector, you’ll remove tramp metal before your metal sensor triggers a shutdown, allowing you to avoid labour and time costs linked to shutdowns. A vibratory magnetic separator can remove finer ferrous particles that your metal detector may miss, allowing you to run a cleaner operation that prolongs the life of machinery (example: chipper knives in wood chip production).

Vibratory magnetic separators are frequently used in industrial applications like mining, sawmills, pulp mills, food services and animal feed manufacture.

IMT’s VIBRA-SEP™ system features an exclusive magnetic plate design that makes it easy to add the VIBRA-SEP to an existing conveying system. The VIBRA-SEP is versatile, too: we stock 18” and 24” units, and can provide units for any size of conveyor. Installation is quick and simple, hardware is provided and no welding is necessary. Once installed, the VIBRA-SEP protects while being simple to operate and clean, maximizing production and minimizing labour costs and downtime. IMT manufactures the VIBRA-SEP and backs it with rigorous quality assurance standards with all materials and components.

Permanent Magnetic Rakes

When your metal sensor does trigger a shutdown, it’s time to remove the problem material as quickly as possible, and a magnetic rake can be a key part of the removal process. Operators use this simple, hand-held tool to “rake” tramp metal from contaminated materials in a conveyor system. Because a magnetic rake uses permanent magnets, it does not require power to operate. Magnetic rakes are effective in a variety of industrial settings, like aggregate, biomass, bulk handling, cement and recycling operations, along with mining and mineral, wood and pulp and paper processing.

We manufacture our lightweight IMAG-RK magnetic rake from high-quality materials. The IMAG-RK comes in a range of magnetic strength options and can be custom designed for your specific needs. The result is a simple and efficient tool that helps you minimize downtime.

Industrial Magnetic Sweepers

For a versatile tool that keeps workspaces clear of tramp or ferrous metal, consider an industrial magnetic sweeper. Unlike a broom, this wheel-mounted unit relies on powerful magnetics instead of friction to “sweep” surfaces free of problem material. Magnetic sweepers are used in a wide range of industrial situations, including manufacturing plants, machine shops, constructions sites, landfills, mines and sawmills.

At IMT, our magnetic sweepers are hand made in North America and are available in several configurations.

If you have questions about these products, we’re here to help! Contact us for more information.