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Specializing in Industrial Magnetic Equipment.

We are a leading manufacturer & supplier of industrial strength magnets in Canada. The IMT product line consists of Suspended Plate Magnets, Cross Belt Separators, Magnetic Head Pulleys, Plate Separators, XHD In-Line Chute Separators, Vertical Magnetic Conveyors, Drum Separators, Lifting Magnets and Magnetic Sweepers. IMT equipment is available in Ceramic (Ferrite) or Rare Earth (standard or high temp) configurations. IMT has partnered up with an industry leader in the supply of Electro-Magnetic products, these products include, but are not limited to, Electro-Magnetic Separators, Eddy Current Separators and Heavy Lift Equipment.

IMT also offers its clients custom designed and manufactured permanent magnetic equipment suited to provide the most effective solutions for existing locations and structures. Our custom designed magnetic equipment not only offers the maximum effectiveness but reduces installation costs. Please check out the media page for some photos of innovations provided by Innovative Magnetic Technologies Inc. for various processing facilities around the world.

Suspended Plate Magnet

IMT designed and manufactured Suspended Plate Magnets (SPM) are installed above product flow.

Conveyor belt magnet

IMT designed and manufactured Cross belt and inline separators for facilities that have a high contamination rate of tramp metal and cleaning is required frequently.

Drum magnet

IMT Magnetic Head Pulleys (MHP) provides a dependable, self cleaning means of tramp metal extraction on conveyer belt applications.

Permanent Magnetic Plate Separators

IMT Magnetic Plate Separators (MPS) provides a dependable, means of tramp metal extraction in chute applications.

Magnetic Drum Separator

IMT provides a cost efficient repair program for a variety of magnetic separation systems used in industry.

Vertical Magnetic Conveyors

IMT Vertical Magnetic conveyors are used to convey ferrous materials vertically instead of using traditional bucket elevators or incline belt conveyors.

Magnetic Rakes

The iMAG-RK is a Permanent Magnetic Rake developed for processing facilities that operate metal detectors.

Vibratory Magnetic Separator

IMT Vibratory Magnetic Separator is the evolution of tramp metal separation for vibratory conveyors and gravity fed chute applications.

Magnetic Drum Separators

IMT Magnetic Drum Separators are a standalone continuous self cleaning separation system.

Industrial Magnetic Sweepers

IMT Industrial Magnetic Sweepers are designed and built for industrial applications that require robust construction and performance.

Permanent Magnetic Lifters

IMT Permanet Magnetic Lifter – a below the hook permanent magnetic lifting machine that allows steel handlers to quickly and simply maneuver steel plate, pipes and rods without the use of slings, chains and blocking.

We currently have four videos covering Magnetic Lifter, Actuation and Conveyors. IMT-INC YouTube to view our channel.

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