Vibratory Magnetic Separators

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Vibratory Magnetic Separator IMT-INC
Vibratory Magnetic Separator IMT-INC

Vibratory Magnetic Separators (iMAG-VIBRA-SEP)

The VIBRA-SEP reduces damage to expensive processing equipment that is susceptible to tramp metal contaminants. The positioning of the VIBRA-SEP before metal detection systems reduces nuisance trips which create costly down time and labor costs associated with metal detection systems.

The VIBRA-SEP is a one component separator that consists of a larger, re-engineered and more powerful permanent magnetic core than other available in-trough separators. The stainless steel construction provides processing facilities with a separation system that will provide years of dependable maintenance free operation.

  • Simple installation is accomplished by bolting the leading edge and trailing edge with the included hardware
  • Removal of the captured tramp metal is done by simply sliding the captured contaminates off the face of the trailing edge
  • Increased uptime, reduce maintenance costs and a metal free product

Vibratory Magnetic Separators remove tramp metal from shaker and vibratory conveyor systems to increase product quality and protect processing equipment from damage. They increase productivity by cutting down on man hours, and they are simple to operate and clean.

Vibratory Magnetic Separators are commonly used in industries such as:

• Mining
• Saw Mills
• Pulp Mills
• Food Services
• Animal Feed

This simple product is easy to install and is customizable to suit the needs of any application. We are application specialists in the separation metals industry, and as such, have the knowledge and experience to make your production line as efficient and productive as possible. Our professionals will assess your existing infrastructure and help develop and construct a unique system that will help to improve your output and your production.

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