Permanent Magnetic Lifters

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Permanent Magnetic Lifters
Lifting magnet
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Permanent Magnetic Lifters (PML)

Permanent Magnetic Lifter (PML) – a below-the-hook permanent magnetic lifting machine that allows steel handlers to quickly and simply maneuver steel plate, pipes and rods without the use of slings, chains and blocking. In most applications, a two-man job could be accomplished with one man utilizing the lifting magnet. Being a permanent magnet, no external power is required, therefore eliminating the hazards associated with power magnets.

  • Clamp, Maneuver and Release Round, Flat and Angled Steel Efficiently
  • Easy to Use, One Man Operation
  • Reduced Product Damage Caused by Traditional Material Handling
  • Eliminate Blocking, Chains and Straps (Slings)
  • Self Contained Compact Design Allows for Workstation Mobility
  • Rare Earth Permanent Magnets Do Not Require Any Additional Power Supply
  • Eliminate Hazard Associated With Electromagnetic Lifters
  • 3.5 Safety Factor Contributes to the Exceptionally Safe and Reliable Operation
  • Self Locking Lever Prevents Accidental Deactivation
  • Suspended Below the Hook or Utilized With Spreader Beam

Permanent Magnetic Lifters are used across several industries to hoist and move large metal objects.  They do not require the use of electricity, and as such, are much safer to operate since there is no concern for product failure due to power surges or outages.  In addition to improved safety and performance, Magnetic Lifters using rare earth magnets are easy to use by just a single operator, resulting in reduced man-power hours as well.

Permanent Magnetic Lifters can be found in many industries:

  • Construction
  • Steel fabrication
  • Machine shops
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

We offer lifting magnets in many shapes and sizes, and our expert team will make sure you have the right product to suit your needs.  Our application knowledge is second to none.  Speak with one of our specialists about how to improve your output, reduce man power and better your safety standards.

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