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iMAG-RK Industrial Magnetic Rake

iMAG-RK™ Press Release

Permanent Magnetic Rakes

Innovative Magnetic Technologies, Inc. created an extremely powerful industrial rare earth permanent magnet rake to solve the challenge of tramp metal extraction from conveyed products after metal detection.

The IMAG-RK is a neodymium (rare earth) permanent Magnetic Rake developed for industrial processing facilities that operate metal detectors. The IMAG-RK™ is utilized by operation or maintenance personnel after a metal detector is tripped. By simply raking the contaminated material, the powerful magnetic field quickly and efficiently attracts and retains the tramp metal. Cleaning is simply accomplished by picking and or wiping off the retained tramp metal from the magnetic tines.

The IMAG-RK™ assists in the protection of process equipment, in that it provides operators with a simple, efficient and reliable mean of removing the tramp metal. This ultimately increases uptime and reduces risk of missed metal contaminant and tampering with metal detectors sensitivity.

Before the development of the IMAG-RK™ magnetic rake, personnel would have to reach over or climb into the stopped conveyor to retrieve the steel contaminant. This was a timely process and required lock out procedures to be followed. In some instances, if the tramp is not visible in the conveyed material, operators, to save time and inconvenience, would simply bump the material out of the metal detector area. This mindset has lead to may instances of equipment damage and failure. Other consequences of this action can lead to personnel injury from flying debris and or fires from the steel being trapped within the equipment thereby creating sparks or frictional heat.

The IMAG-RK™ Magnetic Rake is constructed out of heavy duty aluminum and comes with a standard 48” long handle. The welded frame provides an extremely durable and lightweight housing for the powerful neodymium cores that are within the 2 tines. The IMAG-RK™ magnetic rake is powder coated bright yellow for visibility and corrosion resistance. Being the IMAG-RK™ magnetic rake is powered with permanent magnetic; no power is required and guaranteed to maintain its magnetic strength.

Innovative Magnetic Technologies, Inc also offers custom magnetic rakes with additional tines, configurations and various handle lengths. The standard model, 2 tines and a 48” handle, are stocked at Innovative Magnetic Technologies, Inc.’s manufacturing facility in Kelowna BC Canada.

This simple, inexpensive and yet exceptionally effective tool has been utilized in a variety of industries such as sawmills, mines, sand and gravel operations, mineral processors, pulp mills, pellet plants, OSB and recycling facilities.

For more information contact Innovative Magnetic Technologies, Inc.

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